Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Whoa, That's One Thick Earlobe!"


It was one of those arbitrary changes many folks decide to make in their lives once the new year arrives. But Sam was hell bent on shaking things up in a life he often described as "mind numbingly boring", so he decided to get his ear pierced.

The only problem was, Sam's ear is of an unusual thickness, according to the earring salesperson in this photo. She actually told Sam that she'd need to use a drill bit to get through his earlobe, in a departure from the conventional piercing method. But he was OK with that. And about five minutes after this photo was taken, Sam had himself a pretty sweet faux diamond earring.

Sam told me later that although the pain of the piercing procedure was intense, the impact of his fashion statement had far reaching effects that more than compensated for the temporary misery.

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