Saturday, January 23, 2010

Being a Boat Driver Is Great


I gotta say, there are worst things in life than to be a boat driver. I'm Tom, a 45 year old Thai guy who works on Ko Phi Phi in southern Thailand. My job is to ferry people around the islands nearby and show them all the cool stuff here, like the caves that are home to the cave swift, whose nests make Bird's Nest Soup, and bluewater lagoons that are just TEEMING with colorful fish.

There are a few drawbacks. Some tourists like to complain, for example. I don't let it bother me, but I can't for the life of me understand why someone would fly halfway around the world, and come to such a tropical paradise as this, just to bitch about the very few things that aren't perfect here. Fortunately, folks like these are rare around these parts, but when I do meet them, I just tune them out and start humming Thai folk songs to myself.

It's a good life. I've got my wooden boat, which is surprisingly sturdy and seaworthy. Since Ko Phi Phi is in the Andaman Sea, you actually get some pretty rough water here during the rainy season. But my trusty craft has sailed through many a hairy situation unscathed. And my passengers have been very grateful for that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We're Not Huge Fans Of Being Photographed


Um, excuse me, we're having an important discussion here, could you put that camera away? It's a serious matter, and no, we're not telling you what it's about.

Look, we realize you're a tourist, and we realize that we're cute kids, but if you don't get out of here with that camera, there are going to be problems. Yangon has plenty of beautiful temples, why don't you go photograph them instead?