Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Gate Monks


GUY WITH THE CAMERA: Wow, what an incredible spot for a photo! I'd heard the Marin headlands just above the Golden Gate bridge offered great views, but this is off the charts. The Golden Gate bridge is right behind you, and you can also see downtown San Francisco.

GUY POSING: Seriously, will you please shut up and take the damn photo? It's windy up here, and I actually forgot to wear underwear, so there's no telling what could happen if it starts gusting.

By the way, do these sunglasses look cool on me, or are they too dorky? This is a money shot and I don't want to screw it up. I hope they make me look like the Terminator -- the guys back home at the monastery would LOVE that!

GUY WITH THE CAMERA: The sunglasses look fine, but you should probably get rid of that ugly blue bag, it looks like you're carrying a purse, bro!

GIRL WANDERING IN BETWEEN: This is superboring. I mean, the view is nice and all, but there are no other kids around, and these guys are being SUCH divas about taking this photo. I hope we can leave soon.

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