Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Little Bit Of Everything


Sometimes, staying awake on long flights pays off in the form of eye-popping photos. I took this one during a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco. I'm pretty sure it was someplace over Utah, but given that it's such an otherworldly landscape, this photo might as well have been taken on Jupiter's moon Europa. They did find some traces of ancient water there, didn't they?

This photo grabs me for many reasons: it shows mountains and flatlands, green areas and desert, a vast expanse of blue water, and best of all, the curvature of the Earth and the deep, deep blue of the upper atmosphere.

Oftentimes when I'm on a cross country flight, it's either cloudy, or dark, or I'm preoccupied with thinking about some of the inane things that my mind drifts to from time to time when confronted with several hours of captivity. This time, though, I drank it all in.

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