Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jailbreak (a.k.a. The Last Day Of School)


Who doesn't remember the unrivaled bliss of the last day of classes? After being cooped up in stuffy classrooms for months, forced to drag yourself from class to mind-numbing class, and getting sent to the headmaster's office dozens of times by power-drunk teachers, there's something truly divine about hearing that final bell ring and seeing the school doors swing open.

And then you smell the early summer air and anything -- anything -- seems possible. Some kids even break into a sprint, just in case the school's powers-that-be decide to change their minds and extend the semester for another couple of weeks.

Of course, once you become a teenager, and life starts slapping you in the face like a freshly caught barracuda, the last day of school doesn't seem quite as special. That's because now you've got to find a job, and that makes you have to wake up early, and after a few months... you find yourself longing for the relative lack of responsibility that school represents.

Just another one of life's cycles, I guess.

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