Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"These Stacks Of Boxes Are Like Wasted Days"


"Man, it's so freaking hot, and this work is about as fun as getting a root canal. I've about had it with this box stacking BS. And to make matters worse, lately I've started realizing how these stacks of flattened cardboard remind me of all the hours and days I've wasted doing nothing to make my dreams come true."

"I'd love to settle down in the south of Thailand, buy a bar on the beach, and just hang out and relax for the rest of my days. It'd be great just to chill out and chat with the tourists passing through, and just smile and nod my head with agreement every time they gush with excitement about how great Thailand is, and how beautiful the beaches are."

"But the reality is, life in Bangkok is expensive, and my salary sucks, which means I haven't been able to save jack shit when it comes to money. I've been looking for a second job, but the economy isn't exactly roaring along right now, and besides, I'm always pretty tired after spending the day collecting these damn cardboard boxes and stacking them in this truck."

"That's what these stacks mean to me: All the days piling up, one after the other, creating heavy cardboard pillars that hold my soul down like an anchor."

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