Monday, February 25, 2008

Contemplating The Journey


It was getting on toward late afternoon, and Ali wanted his passengers to get on board so the trip could commence. But apparently, some people were buying supplies at a nearby store, and were overcharged by the shopkeeper, and an argument broke out, then a scuffle, and before long, it turned into a full-on melee.

"This is actually pretty entertaining," Ali thought to himself, with a smile creasing a face full of road-induced wrinkles. He watched the brouhaha for a while, and then got fed up, and started honking the horn -- which was loud enough to wake the dead -- to warn his passengers that he'd be leaving soon, and they'd better get on board, otherwise, they'd be stuck in this boring little hell hole of a town.

It would be a 12 hour journey to Calcutta, and Ali expected it to be a rough trip. There'd been reports of banditry on some of the village roads north of the city, and encountering some local thugs wasn't a pleasant thought.

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