Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey, I think I can see New Jersey!

Kids growing up in North America used to always talk about digging a hole all the way to China. Well, kids in Asia also believe in this, just in reverse. In this photo, these Laotian children were exercising their imaginations by picturing the exotic, awe-inspiring sights to be discovered at the other end of this pipe that's embedded in the Earth.

So I went over to the pipe and had a look for myself: All I could see was the parking lot of a Target in New Brunswick, N.J. It was packed with shoppers -- apparently they were having some sort of holiday clearance sale. The mood was tense, and I heard the muffled din of what sounded like a parking rage incident taking place.

But the kids were so amazed by the sight that I didn't have the heart to tell them there are far more interesting things to look at in the American landscape.


  1. I might have to disagree - the fights that break out in the vicinity of Jersey shopping centers, particularly around Christmas, are pretty darn interesting. Yeah, it's no Old Faithful or McWay Falls - but there's something pretty tantalizing about watching Mrs. De Luca and Old Man Harrington bicker about the last can of stewed tomatoes.

  2. Um, OK, but who the hell buys cans of stewed tomatoes for Christmas?