Friday, December 28, 2007

Aftermath of a low speed minivan crash


This shot was taken in Calcutta, India, about two minutes after this minivan drifted onto the center divider, was launched up into the air, and came to rest with a loud thud in a large bush on top of the roadway's grassy median. I literally watched the whole thing happen right in front of me, as a passenger in a taxicab right behind the minivan.

Although it was traveling very slowly, the minivan had been swerving back and forth wildly for several minutes, prompting my taxi driver to hang back and give it plenty of space, while cursing loudly and muttering oaths under his breath. The minivan driver was paying so little attention to the road that it almost looked like he was giving a puppet show to the other occupants of the minivan.

After the crash, a crowd quickly formed around the wreck, and the occupants of the minivan spilled out, none of them with injuries more serious than scrapes and bruises. The driver is seen here peeking through the shattered windshield, still obviously in a daze, and probably trying to how he was going to explain what happened to the minivan's owner.

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