Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These Shoes Ain't Made For Walkin'


Riding public buses in Bangkok affords one the opportunity to soak in the city in its rawest form. That means hearing the roar of the bus engine, feeling the heat and sweat and hearing the exasperated groans of your fellow passengers, and experiencing a sort of collective resignation to being stuck in such an uncomfortable situation.

And, on occasion, it also enables the rider to observe things that they might not normally pay attention to -- like what kinds of footwear people are sporting.

These passengers' footwear are clearly designed for the short haul, and also reflect the fact that it's just so gosh darn hot in Bangkok. Flip-flops are common in the Thai capital, especially during the rainy season when floods are pretty much a daily occurrence, and the sounds they make are something that visitors remember and identify with their time in Thailand.

But what's up with the shoe on the left side of the photo? That certainly doesn't look like a very comfortable footwear experience.

1 comment:

  1. he is used to be wearing flip flops too but on this special day, he just had to wear those shoes. he had a special interview to attend - determinant of the future course of life. and he was so uncomfy in those shoes that were pinching his toes. and how he thought those fli-flopers lucky!

    whoever invented shoes for work, had never worn flip flops.